Intelligent Cranium Helmets Rider Survey

Intelligent Cranium Helmets Rider Survey

Posted by ICH Support Team | July 17, 2015

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Intelligent Cranium Helmets is officially requesting the help and assistance of ALL Riders to take a 10-15 minute survey that will assist us in our R&D & making a smart helmet curated by you, for you! You can access our survey/questionnaire by clicking on the link in the phrase below:

ICH Rider Survey | SurveyGizmo

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When will this awesome helmet be selling in the market?

Thanks for your interest in our product concept. We are approaching the end of our Crowdfunding campaign, and though it appears we may not reach our funding goal; we are still moving forward with R&D. At this point we don’t have a definitive time frame as to when our product will be ready, but we are pressing forward. Please sign up to our Fan list to receive updates as we move through each phase of this project.

Please keep me in the loop if your helmet comes to fruition – good luck. Also, suggest you get more motorcycle press coverage and re-try crowd funding. I found out about it too late…..

Thanks a lot for showing interest in our product concept and for your suggestions. We are looking to run another campaign, but more than likely after we’ve solidified our prototype. Please take a moment and sign up to our Fan list here: to stay up to date with everything ICH related. We also have a Live Rider Survey/Questionnaire we’d love to get your feedback on. We are taking all rider feedback into strong consideration, and are using that to build the final product. You can take that survey here:

That’s again and stay tuned!


Love the concept. Here are done doubts and questions.
With all those gadgets, there is no mentioning of video recording functions. Will there be such function ? How long will the battery life be? Pixels for the camera?

Hi Jonathan and thanks for showing interest in our product. We actually have had discussions about video recording and it is something we’re looking into. As for the battery life and camera pixels, our goal is at least a 5 hour battery life on typical use of all functions and at least 5MP camera lenses. Additionally here are some of our latest project updates:

– Our goal is to have our helmet DOT, SNELL, & ECE certified. We’ve spoken to heads of each safety entity and haven’t received any information based on our design that would stop us from obtaining the proper certs.

– We’re currently solidifying our final parts suppliers, as well as creating key business relationships that will play a huge part in our product being made available to riders as soon & as safely as possible in the U.S. & a number of other countries (including Australia). One parts supplier we’ve identified in particular will be providing us with the necessary batteries we need which are light weight and will not explode on impact.

– We’ve made some significant and beneficial design changes to our helmet based on feedback via our official Rider Market Research Survey we conducted and is still active. A few changes I can mention are: the reduction in LED’s within the helmet, the complete removal of the ‘Vibration’ notification feature via the internal Radar sensors, the information via the HUD’s will be limited to what is deemed to be necessary so as to not overload or entice the rider to want to interact with the HUD’s more, etc. There’s a lot more that I can’t mention right now, however; you will see very soon.

– Our product pricing is still a work in progress, but we’ve been working very hard within the design/makeup of our helmet since its inception, and competitive pricing is a big target for us. While I cant disclose our huge plan for scale-ability at this time (due to proprietary reasons and staying competitive), I can tell you that we have identified a way to make the iC-R helmet available & affordable to almost every rider.

Please stay tuned, ‘Like us on Facebook’ to get the most up to date information, Visit our Website, Join our Fan Club/Street Team, and help us by spreading the word by sharing the link to our official concept video. Thanks in advance for your support, and we have a lot in store for riders everywhere.

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