Intelligent Cranium Helmets Open Letter to our Fans

Intelligent Cranium Helmets Open Letter to our Fans

Posted by ICH Support Team | November 26, 2016

It has been a week since our last update, but I feel that an additional explanation is needed to our fans and pre-order supporters. From the beginning, the ICH team has worked tirelessly to build our prototype helmet.  Unfortunately, the developmental processes associated with this task are large, complex, and have been troublesome. Throughout our development, we have leveraged every fund-raising possibility to include the pre-sale of 150 iC-R helmets. Every dollar raised has been used towards the development of our flagship model—this includes an additional $75K of our own funding. While I was personally targeting a 2016 release for everyone, the fact is that it was a target/projection; which was stated on our website and what we strongly strived for.

Unfortunately, promgrammatic risks associated with this type of development have affected our timeline and ONLY our timeline (i.e., working with sub developmental firms whose business ethics proved to be less than professional, etc.)—ICH is still 100% dedicated to completing our development phase and begin production of our iC-R line of smart helmets. I know that stating this does little to address the frustration and anger some of you feel regarding getting our helmet when it was originally promised.

We understand and feel your pain.

Having said that, ICH will do the following:

  1. To those who don’t want a refund, we will obviously still honor the presale conditions, but increase the discount by 10%.
  2. Upon receipt of additional investment funding, ICH will offer a full refund to those who want one. In addition to the refund, we will include a 5% discount towards your future iC-R helmet purchase for your troubles.
  3. Provide a regular monthly update regarding our progress. This update may be a short email or a product update video—it will depend on our progress.

For our first update, I would like to report that ICH has aligned itself with the right all-in-one hardware and software company to assist in getting the iC-R out to all riders in a timely manner. This partnership WILL help to avoid any future delays.

ICH is not shutting down and is here to stay. Myself and the team of men and women who support this project are here for you our fans, and the success of this company. We will not make the same mistakes nor exude unethical business practices that others have made/shown—this message should provide reassurance of that and our integrity as a company. I am sincerely sorry for any delays, but we ARE on the right track and tangible proof of this will be shown soon enough. Thanks again for your support.


Ambrose D. – Chief Executive Officer of Intelligent Cranium Helmets

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