ICH Special News Report: Update 4.1

ICH Special News Report: Update 4.1

Posted by ICH Support Team | September 7, 2016

Hey ICH/iC-R Fans!

As promised, we wanted to give you guys an update on the project and what to expect from our first official product update video. This first edition will be of our In-House Beta 1 Helmet; which will show a number (not all) of features, and ultimately our proof of concept. So here we go!

First, What You Won’t See

– The iC-R final appearance model design, as we’re still solidifying some things and have to keep that in-house for now; due to proprietary reasons.

NOW…this is what we’re finalizing now through October 7th (+/- a week because sometimes things come up, but of course we’re pushing very hard for the minus) for our very first update video “ICH Special New Report: Update 5.0” post:

– Two Rear-view Cameras showing a stitched ~210+ degree field of view (FOV) on our Heads-up Display (HUD) modules

– Voice Activated Commands for: Music, Calls, and GPS Navigation

– Graphical User Interface (GUI) overlays on the HUD’s for GPS Navigation only. (Note: Our CEO or Program Manager will elaborate on the reason for the minimalistic approach in the video, in reference to what’s actually shown on the HUD’s.)

– Audio Playback Notifications for: Calls, GPS Navigation, & Text Messages.

This will be the first of many other videos to come, and many other features that we’ve decided to integrate into what will be the final iC-R model. Get ready and stay tuned!


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