ICH Special News Report: Update 4.0

ICH Special News Report: Update 4.0

Posted by ICH Support Team | August 4, 2016

Hey ICH/iC-R Fans!

As the CEO of Intelligent Cranium Helmets and leader of this great product support team, I have a moral responsibility to our fans; keeping the flow of information to you all and being as transparent as possible. It is my hope that after this post, all of our fans remain as such and understand the importance of your support (whether through pre-orders or just belief). It is solely because of you that we’ve continued to persevere and develop a product that will help save the lives of all motorcycle riders.

With the recent news of Skully’s shutdown, flooding tech news feeds across the country. It is with cautious optimism that we assure our supporters that the team at Intelligent Cranium Helmets stands united and motivated as we move forward with operations that will reveal the culmination of years worth of effort and collaboration.

A few updates:

  1. The Hardware & Software Development efforts have been moving along impressively.
  2. The original planned public updates have been slightly shifted for Quality Assurance and Intellectual Property/Proprietary reasons regarding technical upgrades to our design. The new design is physically and technically different than the original concept helmet. We have made vast improvements to ensure we will have the most technologically advanced helmet on the market. Beginning in the next few weeks, you can expect the following updates:
  • Images & Videos of our in-house Beta 1 helmet which will show proof of concept and functionality.
  • Images & Videos of our fully functional appearance Beta 2 helmet which will show proof of concept, functionality, and resemble the final production configured helmet to be mass produced for you.

Along with the product development, I and the rest of the ICH leaders have an even bigger moral responsibility towards the proper management of all pre-order funds received. We must reiterate to our fans that have already pre-ordered “…all pre-order funds go directly towards project development, testing, and enhancing the final iC-R model.” When we received your online pre-orders, we also received your commitment towards the support of this project development in exchange for a great limited time discount. You all received an equal level of commitment from ICH to see this product developed and in your hands within the reasonable timeline set forth. ICH has also received larger investment funds to further support this development effort.

We encourage our supporters to continue to provide Intelligent Cranium Helmets with the support that has gotten us to this point. We will continue to stay in touch and move ahead so that the roads will be safer for motorcyclists everywhere. Thank you all for your time, consideration, support, trust, and patience.



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