ICH Special News Report: 4.2

ICH Special News Report: 4.2

Posted by ICH Support Team | April 9, 2017

Hey there iC-R Fans,

First, you guys are 100% awesome! The majority of our fans have remained exceptionally patient and loyal. This is priceless to ICH and for this we say a big thanks, the wait is almost over, & our CEO has something very special planned for our early pre-order customers at our product launch and official unveiling. With that being said, over the next 2-3 months our support team will:

  • Begin posting developmental updates (incl. photos and videos), starting with our in-house proof of concept; regular weekly/biweekly updates will follow so that we can give all of our fans a frequent inside look into our development as we count down to our final product. These updates WILL be posted to our Facebook page, our website, and go out through our company newsletter.
  • Be here to answer any questions anyone may have.

Again we sincerely thank all of our loyal fans for hanging in there and not giving up on us as we work tirelessly to reshape and disrupt the motorcycle industry, but most of all provide you with the safest and most feature rich situational awareness helmet ever! Stay tuned… Things are about to change.

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