iC-R: The Ultimate Intelligent Motorcycle Helmet

iC-R: The Ultimate Intelligent Motorcycle Helmet

Posted by ICH Support Team | July 10, 2015


If you want to feel like Tony Stark in his Ironman suit when driving your motorcycle, Intelligent Cranium’s yet-to-be released iC-R helmet may be the thing for you. It’s the ultimate gadget/safety implement/attention getter for two wheeled fans.

For an intro price of about $1400.00, not too far from what a custom painted top quality normal helmet will run, you can don the iC-R. This straight out of a science fiction movie helmet comes with dual heads up displays, dual rear cameras, acoustic and visual traffic alerts fed via GPS, an impressive electro-tint visor, solar panels for recharging, and even a radar that alerts vehicle proximity behind you, that lights up red LEDs to warn you.

There are other so called “smart helmets” that offer Bluetooth cel integration, and music, but you won’t find another that offers all this plus heads up displays of rear cams that have a 210 degree field of view. Additionally, you can switch the dual displays to preview your music and pick songs, or get traffic reports, weather and yes even nav maps. Better ye, if you have a passenger on board, say your girlfriend, you can look at her too.

Open SDK hardware assures that apps can be created to do even cooler things in the future.
As you head for the open road with your fellow riders they will be especially impressed when you hit the button on the forehead part of the helmet, and your visor goes from transparent to completely shaded thanks to a very slick electro chromatic surface.
The helmet should be out soon but you can support it’s continued prototype development by visiting their iC-R Indigogo page.

Be sure to check out the great video presentation of the iC-R.

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