iC-R Helmet

iC-R Helmet

Posted by ICH Support Team | July 10, 2015

Source: Steven Blackburn of The Motorcycle Mag

iC-R Spec Sheet 2

Woodbridge, VA – June 23, 2015. Announcing the launch of iC- R Helmet, a motorcycle helmet with two transparent LCD heads up display screens that act as a live stream rear view mirror and as a panel for other dashboard functionalities like GPS, music, phone calls, or speedometer. The helmet includes two cameras to comprise a 210° rear field of view, ensuring cyclists will not have to physically turn their heads to change lanes. The helmet notifies users with warning LED lights if a hazard from behind – like another vehicle – is approaching too closely or too quickly. iC-R includes a solar panel on top of helmet to keep the helmet powered and operational at all times.

Screenshot 10 The helmet’s software center is mounted inside of the helmet and offers voice activation capabilities – meaning users  can can ask for directions, play music, or make calls using voice commands. For users riding in groups, iC-R boasts  Bluetooth Smart LE capabilities, allowing riders to see and talk with each other through the helmets.

“A lot of motorcyclists have had to develop unsafe habits out of necessity –  like twisting their necks and bodies to see behind them. iC- R Helmet gives  riders all of the information they need, and lets them keep their eyes on the  road. ” Ambrose Dodson, Founder, IC- R Helmets Screenshot 14

Maximizing Safety and Fun.
By connecting motorcyclists with the information of their surrounding environment, iC-R helmets let riders keep their eyes on the road, and their mind on the ride itself. Music, GPS, and calls are no longer distractions – they are enhancements. iC-R Helmets help bring motorcyclists – often completely isolated from another – into a safe community.

iC-R Spec Sheet

❏ Two transparent Heads Up LED Display lenses
❏ Rear-facing cameras with 210° field of view
❏ Bluetooth Smart LE technology allows riders in
groups communicate
❏ Solar Panel Keeps System Powered
❏ LED Warning Notification Interior Lighting
❏ E-Tint Visor On Demand

The Campaign: Intelligent Cranium Helmets, LLC is running an Indiegogo campaign in support of the launch of the iC-R helmet. Backers can pre-order iC-R Helmet for as low as a $299 contribution. The campaign, which will launch June 23, 2015 aims to raise $300K. Backers can expect to receive iC-R Helmet by December 2017.

Website: ic-rhelmets.com
Twitter: twitter.com/iCRHelmets
Facebook: facebook.com/iCRHelmets

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