iC-R Pre-order Program Extended (Updated)

iC-R Pre-order Program Extended (Updated)

Posted by ICH Support Team | April 20, 2016

Hey iC-R Fans!

ICH received a high demand from our fans for us to re-open our “iC-R Early-Bird Backer Program”; well we listened to EVERYONE!

Before we get to that, we’d like to provide to all new viewers/fans a special feature request update that everyone can expect on the final iC-R model, and that is the addition of a Front-View Wide Angle Camera!  You spoke and we listened.  You will be able to record your ride via the addition of this front-view camera.  We have other features planned, but we know that this highly requested feature addition is one that everyone will LOVE!

Product Development Updates

  • Beta helmet completion projected for July/August 2016
  • iC-R production projected for December 2016

***For a LIMITED TIME*** we reopened our Pre-order program to any rider who wanted to participate & pre-order their iC-R helmet! We gave those fans 40% off of the iC-R’s $1499 price tag. That program ended on May 21st.  We initiated a second pre-order program for 20% off to those that missed the first round, however; due to an increasing number of requests to obtain the 40% off post the original pre-order program and to honor those that pre-ordered within the first deadline:

  • Any rider that missed the program deadline may still participate in our extended program! Pre-order your iC-R helmet for $300, pay only an additional $750 plus shipping when we’re ready to ship; for a total of 30% OFF! It’s that simple.
    • (Note: Those that have already pre-ordered during this second and final round of pre-orders will automatically receive the extra 10% off at the release of the iC-R.)
  • Also, not a lot of our ICH fans are aware that we are a Majority Veteran Owned company.  To show our appreciation to our nations veteran’s this year, we’re giving an extra 20% off of all pre-orders made by a U.S. Armed Forces Member (Active Duty or Retired) now through the 4th of July ONLY; for a total of 50% off of the iC-R!
    • Note: Military status verification is required in order to obtain this particular promotion.  Verification can be processed by completing our Verification Form which can be accessed HERE, and emailing your completed form to the ICH Support Team at info@ichelmets.com.  This verification process is processed through the Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA) Centralized Verification Service.  ICH is working towards extending a similar offer to other supporting countries in the future.
    • Note: 50% off is the maximum discount and all pre-order funds go directly towards project development, testing, and enhancing the final iC-R model. ***iC-R helmet release projected for December 2016***

If you’re one of the many who would still like to pre-order now and save; now is your opportunity to do so!

Pre-order now to support development by clicking the pre-order button below!
(Note: Backers living outside of the U.S. will need to email our sales team by clicking HERE, and be sure to include a phone number where you can be reached & a good time to contact you.  Our sales team will process your order over the phone.)


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