About ICH

Intelligent Cranium Helmets LLC (ICH) was started in 2015 Northern Virginia with an idea for a helmet which will help save lives and enhance a rider’s experience.  Intelligent Cranium Helmets was founded by Ambrose Dodson (CEO), along with the company’s first and flagship product dubbed the “iC-R” (Rider Edition).  When asked what led him to create such a product he had this to say:

“…while driving to work one day I took notice to a number of motorcyclists that happened to be traveling in the same direction I was. What I observed was the motorcyclists needing to always physically turn their head whenever they needed to do a lane change, and that’s when it hit me. I said to myself there has to be a safer way for these riders to ride. That’s when the idea was born. I wanted to make a motorcycle helmet that would completely eliminate the need for motorcyclists to turn their heads; ensuring their utmost safety when attempting to change lanes. Since then (through endless brainstorming and research) the idea has evolved into something some might have thought to be unimaginable, but most of all something that has never been done before. Over time this idea has moved from just a product idea…to a Brand. My goal is to build “Intelligent Cranium Helmets” for motorcyclists everywhere, that will:

  1. Make riding safer
  2. Put in front of riders information they didn’t think they’d ever have
  3. Save Lives

The company is dedicated to developing and selling a line of revolutionary, technologically advanced, and truly smart situational awareness motorcycle helmets for all riders. Currently motorcycle riders have a 210° Field of View (FOV) blind spot around them, however; ICH has solved this problem by integrating currently available technologies into a motorcycle helmet that provides 210° FOV, alerts & allows the rider to see danger before it’s too late. Further, our design enables the rider to leverage existing mobile technology and take advantage of everything their smartphone has to offer.
 To be successful, ICH brought together a select handful of experienced US DoD Veterans, Development Engineers, and energetic, young talent. All day to day operations are under the management control of the Chief Operations Officer (COO), leveraging 30+ years of Military & Acquisition professional experience. By leveraging the core staff’s over 50 years of experience in development and acquisition programs, ICH is positioned to become a major competitor in the motorcycle/scooter rider safety industry. Enormous helmet markets exist both in the United States and abroad, and no product currently available or in development combines technological advancements as our patent-pending helmet. ICH will leverage our unique design, dedicated staff, and a strong business plan to build market share within the safety equipment industry.

“I want to bring forth a new era of revolutionary motorcycle helmets that will satisfy the needs and wants of all motorcyclists abroad; all while providing them with the best advantages on the road.  I have much more in store for the riders of the world.  Intelligent Cranium Helmets & the iC-R will be the future for the motorcycle helmet industry.  This is just the beginning.” -Ambrose D. (CEO)