Our path to success

Our Process


A great plan is critical to the success of any development

Intelligent Cranium Helmets has a strategic plan to make riding safer for motorcyclists everywhere.


A product company knows their market & competition

ICH has thoroughly researched its customer base, markets, competition, and developed a feature rich product to be successful in its goals.


It's time to for a product that really makes a difference

ICH has put in countless hours obtaining direct consumer feedback and brainstorming to develop its product.  We are 100% committed.


ICH is ready to produce the future now.

One of the greatest satisfactions other than finally completing a product development, is watching that first product come off of the assembly line.  We can’t wait.

Why Choose ICH?

Intelligent Cranium Helmets is a Majority Veteran Owned Technology startup built on integrity among other key values.  When you support ICH, you support our values.  In return, we promise to always stay true to those values & to you our fans.

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Amazingly Responsive

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What Our Fans Say

Can’t wait. Backed this at the beginning of the year. Progress updates have been timely and in stride.  Can’t wait for the finished product and the chance to be some of the first to enjoy a great product.

Steven R. J. Peterson - Facebook

Definitely going to own one of your helmets and I’m telling all my fellow riders about this and sharing your posts with friends…looks like it’s going to be an awesome helmet, can’t wait get get mine, going to pre order in June-July time frame, thanks for all your efforts in keeping us safe on the roads…Cheers

Gerry Hebert - Facebook

I am your biggest fan and cannot wait to see what’s in store with this helmet. You will be saving lives! Thank you so much!

Brandon Thompson - Facebook

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